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"Stock Fitter's Bible" The complete how-to book

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'Stock Fitter's Bible

"Stock Fitter's Bible" is the most complete book on stock fitting and shooting form ever published. It was written for those who want to improve their shooting skills but cannot visit a stock fitter or want to know what stock fitting is all about before they do.

The book opens with a history of the development of personal guns. It continues with the evolution of locks, powder and gun designs that allowed stocks to be shaped for more accurate shooting.

It explains how shooting form (gun mount, body posture, stance) evolved during the Victorian era, throughout last century to the modern shooting forms in use today.

Each stock dimension is discussed in detail along with its relationship to shooting form and other stock dimensions. The benefits of correct shooting forms are also explained in detail as is how they relate to individual stock dimensions.

Readers will learn how to check their gun's stock dimensions, how well they fit their particular size and shape as are options for changing then when they don't fit.

Finally, there are chapters about improving target visualization and centering, the psychology of shooting and a complete glossary so readers know the meaning of all terms that are used in the book.

Click on the Website URL above for more information.

(Since I have not been able to get the man I use to correct mistakes made in the Website several months ago... The book is 6" x 9", soft cover and 215 pages with more than 50 photographs and drawings.)

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I got Rollin's book in December. Have read it twice (very important) and have since adjusted my BT99 Golden Clays. I just wish I had this book back in the 70's and 80's. Would have made ATA "A" a lot sooner. I'm a Senior ATA Vet and this book is worth every single penny. For you beginners, do yourself a favor and get it---right away. Then take your time and do as Rollin say's. You won't be sorry.
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