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Just don't have a project planned currently and these would be nice for someone.

First is Circassian piece I've had for 3 years and it was 5 years cut and air dry when I got it per the vendor. It meters at 10% per my Delmorst gauge.

Size is 20" long, 7" at butt, 4" at head, 2 3/8" wide. Blank is slab sawn with excellent grain flow and good figure in the butt and excellent fiddleback. IMO it is best used for straight stock to avoid sapwood, although I think you could probably avoid sapwood with a small gauge Fox half round pistol grip.

Forearm blank is 3" by 2 1/2" by 15" long.

Second is a extremely colorful piece of Black Walnut with great layout. I've had for 3 years and it was supposedly dry when I picked it up. It meters at 9.5% per my Delmost gauge. It is quartersawn and has pronounced crotch figure on the left side and some on the other side. Given the thickness of the blank upon turning more crotch figure will show up on the right side then what is seen now.

Size is 19 1/2 long, 7" at butt, 2 3/4" at head and 2 3/8" thick.

Forearm blank is 2 1/4", by 3" and 15" long. It has a bark void in it, but the blank is large enough that doing a splinter is no problem. It might however now work for a beavertail sized forearm.

Any questions please give a shout. Circassian blank is $325 plus $20 shipping. Black Walnut blank is $200 plus $20 shipping. Alaska and Hawaii add $10 to shipping cost.

This final picture is the top of the circassian blank and shows how pronounced that fiddleback is that flows through the entire blank and straight the grain is through the wrist area:

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