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Spring Break in Florida ?

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Had always heard about the wild going-ons by those on Spring Break in Florida.

My family was always warned about the dangers of going to Florida this time of year.

Have heard that movies and nationally-televised news reports have even been made about it.

But I am here at the Southern Grand and I haven't seen any women running around naked, no dancing on table tops, nothing...

Well, there were some wet T-shirts yesterday morning.

And one guy spilled some pills on the ground. Could have been drugs.

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Setterman, Is that Earl looking for the Silver Dollar?
Bob, does it look like Earl? Could be the Michigan Ice Breaker?
I hate rt 19 in Florida. Accident waiting to happen
That guy is on Interstate 19 in Arizona, just outside Green Valley, heading for Tucson.
It is fun down here, but I plan to stay on the grounds next time. Clearwater Beach steer clear of it, the lady friend wanted to go and it was a nightmare. U.S. 19 sucks, every road has construction. Other than that it's great! Weather isn't so bad 65 beats the heck out of 35 back home.
LOL. He's better looking than me.
Steve Balistreri
Hammer!!! Your on the wrong coast of Florida!!! break em all. Jeff
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