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I've made and sold quite a few sets of these over the past year or so, and they've usually been made to order. I just recently needed to run a couple of sets of them, so I decided to make a couple extra and list them here on Trapshooters.

If you're not already aware, it's a pretty common problem for those who reload .410 on Spolar machines to have trouble with the reloads fitting into certain brands of guns and tubes. We've concluded this is due to the factory Spolar dies being oversized and not resizing the brass on the hulls small enough.

With some help from a couple of local forum members, I did some measuring and comparing to other machines without these problems and came to a dimension (.474") to make these smaller dies to keep your reloads within SAAMI spec and allow them to fit into pretty much any .410 gun or tube.

They're made from a hardened tool-steel and will last just as long, if not longer, than the originals.

If you're interested in a set, they sell for $260/set with shipping.

Thanks for looking.

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