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Bowtech 50lb., adjustable draw no press required. This was Botech's number 1 bow in 2013. It was also field&stream's pick for bow of the year honors. Google bowtech experience, many reviews.

This bow has upgraded strings/cables and was originally intended/setup to shoot spots in a league. However, that never happened. It was shot enough to site in and that's it. Never been in the field. Sold site and rest off it already.

Think I have a 1/2 dozen or so carbon arrows as well. No disappointments here but I just don't and won't shoot it. At this point, only have a need for my hunting bow, which I plan on keeping for now.
I'm guessing I got 18 arrows through the bowtech. It's basically new.....

I'm thinking $550 w/ new arrows, plus shipping.

Thanks for looking


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