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SPF PFS Wood Grip&Comb / Silver Seitz*-PAY to SHIP

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Up for sale is a set of wood (grip and comb) for use on a Precision Fit Stock and a Silver Seitz. It includes the metal inserts to hold the grip and bolts onto the receiver. It's made for a right handed shooter and has a nice palm swell.

I acquired this set about 2 years ago with a PFS and, at the time, I was going through chemo. I never got it mounted on my gun and by the time I was done with the chemo, I decided not to use the PFS. The following summer, I acquired my Kolar which I shoot now and have sold the Silver Seitz. That's a long way of describing why I no longer need this set.

About a year ago, I sold the PFS and the wood set to another fellow here on When he received it, he noticed a small crack in the wood grip and I agreed to take it back. I then sent it to "Stocker" John Fittinger in Oregon for repair. Once he got it, he let me know that he thought he had made this set originally. He made the repair and refinished the grip and it can barely be seen. I then had a friend at our club mount it to his PFS and we noticed a small secondary 'crack' in the finish just below where the primary crack was repaired. This appears to me to be only in the finish and I do not think it is a crack in the wood. I shot a couple rounds with the grip mounted and the secondary crack did not get any worse. The cracks are so noted in one of the photos.

So, I am selling this set with the understanding that it may or may not need a further repair. With all that said, wood sets like this for a PFS can cost upwards of $2500 new. I had this priced at $295 plus $25 insured shipping.

PRICE CHANGE I can understand folks may be concerned about the crack(s). My current health situation is not good and I am emptying my shop area. So, I will ship this to any interested shooter. Pay me the shipping up front - let's agree to $25.00. If you get it and try it and like it, you keep it.

That's about as good a deal as I can make. If someone doesn't give this a try, it's going to get thrown out.

I can take more pics and email them to sincerely interested parties. PM me for my email address if you want more photos. Questions, PM me.

Gene in Illinois

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Gene in Illinois
Gene, will take the seitz grip&comb. Will need your address to send funds to. Thanks roger You have pm with my shipping info.
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