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***SPF*** *Perazzi MX Stock *

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*** $300 Delivered to your door ***Price is firm - non negotiable***

I put this stock on a friends MX8 with MX-2000 barrels with a 3 notch rib set at middle notch, I found the stock maybe 1/8 too high for myself (medium/thin face), probably would work great with MX-2000 rib at top notch or with MX-2005/MX-2008/MX-10. Length of pull is exactly 15".

Originally Purchased from MIA last year, Sold my gun before I could get a chance to try it, it's been sitting around since. Needs a good home, this is a Factory high comb stock probably special ordered (drop out trigger group 7/8" opening), thinking it would fit Perazzi MX-2005/MX-2008/MX-2000/MX-10, lots of comb to play with and a 15" LOP (stock itself measures 17-1/4" to end of recoil pad).

Great stock for custom modifications, lot's of wood to play with, or shoot it as is.

-Beautifully figured walnut, very fine checkering, comes with stock bolt.

-Neutral cast, no palm swell.

-Light scratch/s and handling marks in finish on right side of gun behind the grip (doesn't penetrate wood), hard to see in pics , stock is at-least 98% on the left side and 96% on the right.

Shipped to lower 48 and Canada (will ship from Ontario, Canada).


NEW PICS (excuse me for the poor photoghraphy, colour match is more like first picture but a little more vibrant).

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Yikes! Adn 17-1/4" woud be about a 15-1/4" LOP. Usual LOP measures about 16-1/2 off the stock from receiver lip to back of butt pad.

All true if my memory and math serve me properly.
Sure would like to find me one like this for my MX2000S that I added a ramped rib MX-14 barrel to. That sure is nice!!! LOTS of wood to work with.

Jody H.

I have a MX2000S, non-dropout trigger. I think you maybe thinking of the MX2000, with no "s".

Jody H.
Maybe your right ?, I thought my friend said he had the 'S',...I suppose I was mistaken, loosing my hearing with old age :)

OK,...correction,.... the stock was put on a MX8 with MX-2000 barrels with a 3 notch rib with drop out trigger. Hope this helps...I'll correct the add.

Stock is sold to "rosenhaynian" ***SPF***

Thanks, check your email.
Thanks Gamba Man.

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