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SPF!!! is a beautiful Ithaca 5E Single barrel trap KNICK. 32". Bore diameter is .734. Choke constriction is .032(full). Lop is 14.5". DAC is 1.5". DAH 2.25"
Serial number series is 402xxx. The bluing is 98%. The case colors are about perfect but lets say conservatively 98% original. There are a couple of storage marks on the wood because there is no way that this gun was shot much, if at all(see photo of the top lever location). There is a slight shiny mark of some sort right before the muzzle end on the rib. It is very slight but needs to be mentioned. It does not interfer with the rib at all. A small cosmetic blemish. Jim Veta 310-291-1784.
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