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SPF FS Blaser F3 Combo 34/32

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For Sale: Blaser F3 Trap Combo 34" unsingle, 32" o/u. Gun is near mint condition, with no markings on wood or metal. I have shot this gun for two and half years, approx 6K registered targets each year, along with some practice and some games. Comes with original case which hasnt been used, gun has always been carried in an americase. Extra barrel weights for the o/u and unsingle, pull/pull triggers. Full set of chokes, even some extras like lite full.

I cannot think of or see any flaws in this gun. It has been very good to me. I owned it for two weeks and had a 200 in the Grand American Clay Target Championship in 2010.

7850.00 gets it delivered anywhere in the lower 48, if you want insurance, it will be added.

Feel free to kick tires and ask any questions. I will try to answer all of them.

Steve Sprout
ata 03 15330
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Wing chun

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Lotsa gun for the money. These guns must be shot to be believed.
What Shooting Coach said

Have two; one trap, one skeet. Done buying and selling shotguns; these are keepers.

They really are sweet having shot a friends...If I didnt have and love my CG, this is one I'd have to seriously think about making my main shooter
Dave has it right. I have swapped and traded tournament arms for decades. The Blaser is a keeper, no more experimenting with unknowns.

This one has a 32" low rib barrel with weights and Skeetie tubes for Skeet, Trap and Bunker, and a 34" low rib Sporter barrel for Sporting. This gun truly does it ALL.
Ok shooting coach I seems that Every ad for Blaser on this site you have to mention how fantastic they are. My question is are you affiliated in any way with Blaser?

Find some one with a Blaser and shoot it, but understand you will likely have to return the gun. LOL
I sell them AND shoot one. Hands down the best doubles gun I have ever owned.

Bob Schultz
I have! I really wanted to like the gun but it did nothing for me. It felt like a lighter K gun to me. Everyone's different but the P gun just seems to fit me.
Bob please send shooting coach a hat and t shirt for all the work he does for you.
Oddly enough, I have a check coming in the mail from Bob. I would like a small shirt and a hat. LOL
Steve, I am looking for an o/u barrel for my F3 if you decide to break up your combo. Just thought I would mention it. Thanks.

James Geary
Steve, a shame your selling a gun you've shot so well!! I hope L.W.s gun tactics isn't rubbing off on you!!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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