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SPF ###F/S Remington 90T 34 inch### SPF

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I have a Remington 90T for sale. It has a 34 inch ported barrel that is fixed full choke. The stock is a Monte Carlo. The wood finish is high gloss. Wood and metal are very good with few handling marks or wear. Only "ding" is a small mark on the forearm. LOP is 14 1/2 inches. Lever is to the right of cneter. Gun locks up tight and shoots good. Comes with the hardcase shown in picture one. The lock is broken since the former owner didn't know the combination and he took the rivets out. Would work again if you knew the combination. Price is $1750 shipped and insured to your FFL. Ed Chrisman 660-663-3146
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Wow!!!!!!! This is gone very soon. To bad it is ported. Even so this could be the deal of the year on a 90-T!
DANG IT, here I am saving my money to go to the Spring Grand and Ed puts this up for sale. That is a 90T i would like to own. Maybe my SHIP will come in before he sells it.My ship is a Canoe in a Storm so,i think i am out of Luck !!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT PRICE Ed. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Up for Ed.

Better buy it... before I do.

Real nice 90-T. This will be sold tonight. Dale
just my luck! my ship comes in and im at the airport.
Gun has been sold. Thanks to all who looked.
Man... they don't last long do they! Someone got a beauty. Dale
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