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SPF -Dress up your Silver Seitz - Custom Stock Set

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I have a custom right hand stock and forearm for a Silver Seitz for sale. I’m selling it because I sold my Silver Seitz. I have over $3,000 invested in this set of wood. The stock has the following features:

1. Hook grip (I have large hands, so this stock has a large hook grip)

2. Right hand palm swell

3. Fleur-de-lis checkering

4. Roll-over comb

5. LOP with no pad is 14”; with the KickEeze pad that’s on it, the LOP is very close to 15”. This could change with a new pad. You could even add an adjustable butt plate if you need to.

6. Silver Seitz stock bolt included

The forearm has the following features:

1. Fleur-de-lis checkering to match the stock

2. 7 ½” diameter – I have large hands and wanted a ‘meaty’ grip

3. Gold anodized front insert for Silver Seitz

4. Brass inserts for the Silver Seitz forend iron

This stock was made by a local gunsmith and checkered by a local stock maker. The English Walnut blank came from Wenig and is very nicely figured. The finish is Brownell’s oil finish (21 coats). The stock bolt hole was redrilled by Phil Simms to be more centered (not shown). The gun this was on a fixed rib barrel.

If someone tells me how to measure the drop, offset etc., I’m willing to do it and post those numbers. My experience with Silver Seitz wood is that it may need fitting to the forend iron.

I will ship this to any interested party under the following conditions:

1. You send me full payment in the form of a money order and I will not cash it until you decide to keep the stock set.

2. You will have 5 days to decide if you want to keep it.

3. If you decide not to keep it, you will ship it back to me insured and I will return your money order. You pay return shipping.

Stock and forearm are priced to sell at $950 shipped in the US. Photos below. (Gun in photos NOT included). PM or email (gbatch AT yahoo DOT com)

Gene in Illinois

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Land vehicle Vehicle Transport RV Car

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