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Up for sale is a Beretta XTrap top single barrel for a 68x series gun. The barrel is 34" and mobil choked (one flush mount included). The bluing on the barrel is rated 97% and condition 92%. The condition is rated a little lower because of two items. There is a very minor rack ding on the rib on the left side (shown in picture). The other reason is the jeweling on the breech sides is a bit worn off. This wasn't from wear or use. In my stupidity I tried cleaning it with a scotch brite pad and it dulled some of the jeweling. There is normal bluing wear where the forend contacts the barrel, however it is underneath the forend and not visible when the gun is put together. The barrel locked up rock solid on the gun it came off of, (which was the original gun). All other aspects of the barrel are considered excellent. Asking $675 plus shipping (actual shipping cost, no markup).



The red you see in this picture is not on the barrel, it's a reflection of my hand




This image shows the slight rack ding on the side of the rib


Thanks for looking,

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