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Hi all,


EDIT: Pics posted - please see the below posts -
Clearing out some extra parts and some items which I like, but other things call... (bills, the want for another gun...)

32" Special Trap Mobil Choked Beretta 300 series barrel-

Mobil choked, the usual wear at the extension and where the forearm touches it; mid bead present, so is the front but it's missing the little white dot. Sold

32" Special Trap Mobil Choked Beretta 300 series barrel -

Same as above, but there is no mid or front bead. -Sold

Hilmer LH stock set- model 12
Pulled- I think I'll keep er after all :)

Beretta 303 stock set-
Standard forearm with cutoff, slightly(?) Shortened buttstock with adjustable comb. Bought this on ts a couple years back but never used it more than a couple of shoots. ok grain, the usual dings, etc. $sold

I'm on a lunch break on my phone so pics will follow within the next day -

PayPal is preferred (cuz it's easy and fast)

Ray Reyes
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