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Sparta IDNR registered shoot 4/22 Point M

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I observed new 10 yard point M location posts at all of the Sparta traps yesterday. Radar gun/height pole target setting will now be used instead of the angle plate method.

The extreme wind yesterday must have kept a lot of shooters away. For the first IDNR monthly registered shoot I thought it went well. The 30 mph south wind wrecked havoc with the voice release speakers tripping 2-3 extra targets per call. We ended the handicap event with the speakers laid flat on the concrete which helped a little. I doubt if the IDNR made a dime on the shoot with all the wasted targets.

One thing I observed was the revised bank numbering system. Odd numbered banks are lettered left to right A-D. Even numbered banks are lettered left to right D-A. This will cause some confusion for sure.

Bring your binoculars so you can read from the parking area which squad is currently shooting because the numbers are only 3 inches tall on the back of the score keeper’s chair.

Jim Warner