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Come and join us at the Spangle Gun Club for our annual Meat shoot on November 1st 2015. Club will be open at 9am and shooting will start at 10am or sooner if we have enough shooters.
A book will cost $30.00, which consist of 5 punches and a guaranteed free win if you don’t win an event. Single tickets may be purchased for $6.00 but you don’t get the guaranteed free win with the purchase of a single ticket.
Events will consist of 10 bird singles, 10 bird handicaps, and Various Games that will be picked among Shooters that are participating.
Prizes This year will consist of packages Bacon and Turkeys, when you win an event you will get to choose which one you would like. We will also load the traps with bacon Birds if you hit one of the special birds even if you don’t win the event you will win a free package of Bacon.
Spangle Gun Club would also like to announce that Wednesday October 28th will be the last Wednesday of the year that we will be open; we will be switching to Sundays the 1st of November and remaining open on Sundays until late spring of 2016. Sunday Hours are 9:30am through 3:00pm.
Once again the Spangle Gun Club has been making a lot of Improvements to the Club to attract new shooters and to keep our club looking good. These improvements this year consist of; Grading and gravel for the driveways, adding another trap house, moving of the skeet feirld, and clean up of the club. We would like to thank everyone involved in making this happen from gun club members, Chris Bohr for his carpenter work, Jerry Newman and Peak Industries for use of Their Machinery, and John Wolfrum at Liberty Rock Pit for Supplying the Gravel.
If any one has questions about our shoot or how to get to the club please call Greg Vail (509) 999-5703
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