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I am thinking about going to the Southern Side-by-side shoot next month. Anybody been there and done that?? - I've got a Parker Trap made over 100 years ago that I occassionally shoot for fun. It has 32" fluid steel barrels, Miller single trigger, stunning trap wood and is an old DelGraco re-do. Great fun; got to cover the birds though as it shoots absolutely flat. Would it be good for the ZZ bird shoot? - Brad

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Brad, this might be considered biased, but come on down and join us. If you have any interest in the old and new SxS guns this is the place to be. We have added another vendor tent and now have more vendors.

Vendor list:
Atkin Grant & Lang


Charles Bosewell, Gunmaker

F.lli Poli

American ZZ

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Wingshooting Adventures

Carolina Sporting Arms

LC Smith Collectors Association

Parker Brothers Collectors Assoc.

Griffin & Howe

Upland Almanac

John Bugden

Fair Chase

Steve Barnett Guns

Dave Riffle Guns

Stephen Cobb


Game Fair

Geoffroy Gournet, Engraver

Vintage Doubles

Antonio Zoli

Charlie Spignor/Boyd (Outdoor Adv)


Roger Baine

JW Hulme

Ken Hurst

Robert Louis Co.

Cody Houston

Robin Hollow

Doug Turnbull

Safari Jewelry


Anglo American

Heritage Guns

Nickerson Collectibles

Holland & Holland

Classic Upland Supply

Highwood Shotguns

Bob's Gun Shop

Sante Fe Trail Hunts

Gunnerman Books

B & P Shotshells

NRA Foundation

The Global Sportsman

Sporting Classics

Deep River Sporting Clays & Shooting School
Sanford, NC 27330 (919)774-7080
April 27th, 28th, 29th 2007

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Any and all SxS are welcome. We have events for all gauges 10-12-16-20-28-.410 hammer or hammerless. A seperate event for American Classics. Mike, bring the Bernardelli for "ZZ" birds.

Go to our web to see the program.


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WHERE: Deep River Sporting Clays & Shooting School

Sanford, NC 27330 (919) 774-7080

When: April 27th, 28th, 29th, 2007

It was at end of post with the vendor list

Check our website above for directions.

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Looking for pricing on 2 side by side.
a friends grandfather had them and she is looking to sell them.

first one is an LC Smith Ser# 216083-E, 16 ga, Trap grade, 28" barrels, 2 triggers, 1913 with trap house and 5 shooters engraved on it.

2nd one is a Parker Bros BH Grade 5, ser# 232214, 16 ga, 28" barrel, SXS
2 triggers, Titanic steel, engraved made in 1929.

I will have pictures next week, will be off shooting this weekend.

Thanks for any help. E-mail me direct if you want Pics and intrested in buying them.

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