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I just shot with this system tonight for the first time. I only missed one left target in 75 for a right hand shooter. As long as my eyes stayed on the bird , I could not miss. I had no left eye flinch or cross fire.

I'm excited about my first outing using it. I took my dots of my left lens and picked up the target pretty quick.


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Mah66, before you throw it in the recycle bin do the following experiment:

Raise your leading hand thumb after you have mounted the gun.Aim a doorknob with your EMPTY gun. Close alternatively your eyes and you will notice that you will see the knob alternatively with your both eyes.That means when the XD solution is mounted on the gun, you shoot with two eyes,binocular vision.
If you are not seeing the doorknob with both eyes by closing them alternatively, then you have other visual problems that you must check for.
Eliminating one eye by blocking it with tape is the easiest solution but is not the best!

Try to do the experiment in the shooting range and understand the concept

The XD solution does the same thing!

I understand your frustration but let analyze what you said:

"My left eye becomes completely dominant against moving targets. I mounted the gadget according to the instructions and mounted the gun. I saw what I was supposed to see...the barrel/bead with my right eye while the plastic shield blocked them from my view"

This is how the XD Solution suppose to work! If in static position the XD-solution is OK, then what's happen next is your " contribution"

you said:"When I called for the target I could see it leave the house clearly with both eyes but as I moved to the target my brain started to use the input from my LEFT eye and I would find myself seeing only the back of the plastic blade" Here is what I think happens: having strong left eye dominance,once you see the target,you cant you head over the comb to make left eye to take over!!! the blade won't let that happen!!!( and you see only the blade) As a result of canting your head(I use your words): " . My right eye no longer saw the target or the barrel so visually there was nothing for me to shoot at.In other words, by canting your head you push the right eye from the comb and b/c of that you don't see the barrel.

I hope this help to understand what's happening.

Joe , thank you for your comment!
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