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SOLD - (2) foreign military rifles as pictured below. (Third previously in listing has sold.)

The top rifle as I understand it is a 93-97 (most likely 95) series Mauser - South American contract origin in 7mm cal.. And the bottom rifle as I understand it is an Italian Service Rifle - Mannlicher Carcano design in 7.35mm cal..

Took guns by a local dealer and he indicated that all should be worth at least $150 each. (And that's what I sold the Japanese field rifle for that was on here intially.) So to get these remaining rifles sold I am making final reductions to $75 (started at $150) plus shipping (if needed) for the Mauser, and $50 (started at $125) plus shipping (if needed) for the Carcano.

Since these guns are located in Tucson, AZ, and with many of you headed this way for the various Winter-Spring trap events, I posted here to see if some FTF inspections and subsequent sales can occur. Please PM me if you are interested in seeing or discussing the rifles; I will get you my phone number and be glad to meet with anyone in the Tucson area.

Thank you, and hopefully someone here can end up with these vintage rifles at this very fair offering.

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