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SOLD-A very nice representative WW Greener 12 bore for sale. This gun is totally original and unaltered. All the finish is original--no rework of any kind. The serial number places its manufacture in the 1916-17 range as I understand the data available. This gun would make a great turkey gun or fowler with non-tox shot. It has 2 3/4 inch chambers and is proofed at 1 1/4oz. The 30 inch barrels are unaltered internally and are choked extra full at .040 and .040. The mechanics are excellent. There is a small dent on the upper side of the right barrel, about 6 inches from the muzzle. Its hard to detect but you can feel it with careful examination. Internally is just shows the slightest wrinkle. It has not effect on performance or safety. The wood is in very good shape all around. The horn buttplate shows worm damage but it complete and entirely usable. The screws are nice and not buggered. The gun is very tight and does not appear to have been shot extensively. Great dimensions of 1 9/16 x 2 1/2 x 14 1/4 inches with the classic Prince of Wales grip. Of course it has the usual Greener side safety. So if you want a long range thumper in a very classic SxS--consider this piece. Well priced at $995 delivered in the lower 48. As an aside--I took the gun to the range and shot some clays with it. It's an ink ball machine with a trap load of 8's!!











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