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SolD SKB 585 3 barrels Set 20/28/410 Sub Gau

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Sold SALE - I have for sale a nearly new SKB receiver, stock and 3 barrel skeet set in 20/28 and 410 gauges. It is a model 585. This is a full size setup with the LOP is 14 1/4".. Three seperate 28" barrels, matching forends that all fit on a small frame SKB that has barely been used. Comes in a metal case with extended chokes in 20 and 28 gauge, the plus six extra flush chokes for the 20 and 28 gauge and fixed skeet barrels for the 410. The wood and metal are unmarked, no rust, no damage, no chips, everything virtually perfect. Price is $2,600 plus shipping in the USA. Contact me by PM, email to [email protected] or by cell phone at 916-837-6899.
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