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For Sale: Remington 870 release trigger. This came out of a 12ga gun.

This is an aftermarket conversion of a factory trigger housing.

Trigger is not marked as to who did the conversion, but it looks very professionally done, and VERY similar to the Timney release hooks.

This is the trigger that came in the late model TC guns (the ones with the overbore barrels and long forends), but will work in ANY 870 ever made, except for the supermag (3.5" chamber) guns.

It has a gloss black powdercoated finish.

Trigger is in excellent condition, with only some minor loss to the powdercoating (which isn't visible when installed in a gun, only when outside of the gun). The kind of thing you'd expect to see on a brand new trigger group after bring used for 100 targets. Doesn't appear to have been used very much, I think you'd be hard pressed to find one in better condition.

This trigger group does have the new style flex-tab carrier which helps prevent jams.

Right hand carrier, right hand safety. Can be converted for use in left hand guns by swapping the carrier out for a left hand one.

$200 shipped.

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