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SOLD PFFS Seitz StockLock Set REDUCED Again $1,850

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SOLD FOR SALE - BETTER PHOTOS- & REDUCED PRICE I have a beautiful Silver Seitz Stock Lock stock and forend by Dawson Enterprises for sale. The set is unmarked and virtually like new. The checkering is strong and unworn. Lovely grain in the stock and forend. Fourway adjustable comb and adjustable butt plate. Excellent finish without marks or blemeshes on stock or forend other than a bairly visable mark on the left side near the butt plate. Cost new over $4,000 priced in like new condition for $2,300 REDUCED Again to $1,850 shipped to you in the USA. LOP is 14 1/4" with a 3/4" deep KickEase pad installed. LOP can be adjusted with spacers or deeper pad if desired. Call Doug @ 916-837-6899 (cell) 916-677-2030 (office) or 916-780-7501 (home) ,PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks, Doug


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I have used it on three different Seitz, two wrer fixed ribs and one is an adjustable. Sorry but I do not know the rib heights but I can send photos of the ribs to you if that helps. The stock worked fine for me on all three just by adjusting the comb up and down a small amount to get the sight picture I wanted.
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