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SOLD PF FOR SALE-A virtually unused set of Kolar AAA Sub Gauge Tubes for 20/28/410 and -matched Beretta 30" Optima Barrel. This is a full functioning Beretta 12ga barrel with two Briley Optima Chokes F adn IM installed. NOT a carrier barrel. Kolar fitted the tubes to the barrel for me. Barrel is interchangable on any Beretta 680 series gun,680, 682, 686,687.
Tubes come extra chokes, hammer and removal tools. Tubes fit PERFECTLY in the barrel. Barrel is .732 +/- bore or 18.6mm and 1.38kg. Not a mark on the barrel and no damage or wear on any of the tubes. Shipped in Americase.
$1,800 plus shipping. Contact me at [email protected], PM or by phone at .

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