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Sold:Perazzi MX8 Special 30 O/U Gun:

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Perazzi MX8 Special 30" O/U: All Matching Serial Numbers 85xxx

Gun Specs:

O/U Barrels: Square Mono Bloc, 30" Step/Tapered Rib, Side Ribs, 18.4/.724 Bores, Chokes: Bottom .022 Mod., Top .031 LF, 1.55KG, Ported, Type IV Lug.

Receiver and Forend Iron: Square Mono Bloc, Excellent Locking Bolt, New Top Lever Return Spring, Nice Bluing, matchting Type IV Forend Iron.

Trigger: Four Position "P4" LOP, Internal Selective, Nice Condition!

Stock and Forend: Nice SCO Grade Stock and matching Forend, Slight Right Hand Cast, Right Hand Palm Swell, 13 3/4" - 14 5/8" LOP, DAC 1 3/8" DAH 1/3/8", New Kickeez Pad. Nice Condition.

Overall: Nice condition and with the Internal Selective Trigger a Top Single Barrel could be added for a great Combo Gun.

Rich Bullard, Jr. 1-775-742-2843

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Real nice looking MX-8 with expensive trigger. Great value.
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