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Sold: Perazzi MX8/14/15/10RS Stock Set:

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Perazzi Standard Grade MX8 Style Stock and Forend: 13.5" LOP Without PAD, No Cast, No Palm Swell, Perazzi Hardware Four Way Adjustable Comb, NO PAD, Type IV Forend. See Pictures! All this stock needs is a pad to your LOP!

Rich Bullard, Jr. 1-775-742-2843
Shotgun Wood Hardwood

Shotgun Wood

Shotgun Wood Wood stain

Shotgun Wood Wood stain Finger Thumb

Wood Didgeridoo Wood stain

Wood Wood stain Table Hardwood

Wood Wood stain Hardwood

Wood Shotgun Reptile

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I like light colored wood.
Rich I will take it. I left you a message..


Roger Eubanks
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