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Sold Pending Funds!!! For sale is one Winchester SxS Trap Model 21. 30" barrels,single selective trigger, beavertail,factory vent rib,Red butt pad I believe it is original but not certain. Dimensions LOP 14", DAC 1.5, DAH 2.25. This is a Trap model stamped "Trap" on the underside of the receiver. "Kidney pattern" on the forearm checkering. Pistol grip. 26xxx serial number range. There is some minor bluing wear in a couple of small spots on the barrel. Where the forearm connects to the barrel you can see some bluing wear when the forearm is off. The bores are .732 Rt and .732 Lt. The rt. barrel is.022(.712) constrictions and the left barrels is.033(.699). The barrels are stamped Full/Full. The right barrel choke has been opened up to a modified. the left was not touched and is full choke. $5400.00. Call me direct with questions. Jim Veta 310-291-1784.
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