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Sold~~~~~Lefti Ljutic Umberger Set~~~~~Sold

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A gorgeous Umberger stock set for Left Handed Ljutic Mono...

Stunning English Walnut is excellent condition

Reduced to about what the wood blank cost...

$1395 shipped to your door.
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doesn't get much better than this...
Left hand palm swell...custom checkering pattern...LOP +15"

email sent...thank you for your interest!

I'm not left handed...if I were, I'd buy the first Ljutic Mono I could find!

You are correct though, this is incredible beautifully grained English Walnut that is getting hard to find at any price. The workmanship is superb...I love the ribboned checkering. By the way, the forearm is extra long and the LOP is approximately 15" A BIG LEFTIE with a Ljutic Mono is really going to get lucky with this stock set. Replacement value in today's market would be well over $5,000.
No problem, Bill...I've got WOOD for you too...

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I've had this Hillmer stock set for a while now...bought a Krieghoff Model 32 to mount it on, but the wood was just too nice and I enjoyed shooting the Model 32 too much. Then I decided to buy a Model 32 San Remo for the stock it home and thought to myself, I won't shoot this it's just too pretty! So I sold the San Remo and the stock set is sitting in the safe.

moral of the story:

This is not a's a hobby and I just hope my wife doesn't sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them...
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