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Sold - Hull Feeder for Spolar (leave the title)

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I would have to see this in operation before I believed it. Spolar said they would not make one, and after using a Spolar, I think it would be hard to have one operate. Just my $ .02.
I stand corrected. Looks pretty slick. Wish I could afford one. I disposed of all my disposable income on the press.
That video is not the PW product, unless it's changed.
The picture above is certainly NOT a PW case feeder. I have a PW feeder on my Spolar and it works great. Well worth the money. I got a used auto feeder here on TS for a PW machine, called PW and they sent me the parts to convert it to a Spolar operation and it worked first time out and continues to do so on nearly a daily basis.

Doug, what did they charge for the parts? I have a PW feeder as well that I would like to adapt to the Spolar.
So who makes the one for sale here, was interested since I thought it was a PW, now.....? Cory
The feeder for sale here is listed as a PW.

Who ever makes the feeder in the video has several videos on youtube, some discussion on finding a manufacturer also. I think he/they are working on 4 guages of this feeder
CMPeterson , Notice the video only shows a clear tube with the hulls dropping , nothing above that is visible. I doubt he has a hopper for the hulls.
PW charged me either 150 or 175 for the parts to change over my old PW set up so that it would work on the Spolar. You just turn it around and mount it on the left side of the Spolar and follow the simple instructions and BINGO you are in business.

In the 28 ga video of the feeder shown above it appears that shells drop into the top of the clear tube, but I never hear any noise from a hopper style feeder. Also it looks like the same size drop tube is used in the 12, 28, & 410 feeder.

Upon further review, I see a different color insert in the bottom of the clear drop tube for the different gauges....

Link to the 28ga video above....
Trussman2 He doesn't likely have a hopper. The drop tube won't be connected to anything. Someone off camera may be dropping the hulls into the tube. It's a prototype.
The above video link is at the P/W factory and the persn demonstrating it is Wayne, the manager of their machining operations. It was filmed there at the same spot P/W filmed the demo of the new Patriot.

I know becasue I have been right there at the spot when the Patriot was set up to demo.

Wayne is a friendly, very accommodating mechanical genius who I have been fortunate to have been able to be involved witn in some past developments for their machines over the past 35 years.

Spolar Gold Auto Case Feeder demonstration video without the dies in place..... is amazing.
When someone lists something for sale, then sells the item, it's nice that they say its sold, but to change the entire title to just "SOLD" sure is a pain.

The thread title was resurrected so the rest of us could converse about the product.

Ya, Wayne removed the dies to simply pull the hulls out of the machine. I figured most folks could understand this... he was not interested in reloading them.

That Spolar, by the way, is an old Spolar that's been at the factory for many years. and I believe Brian Steel told me it was a trade-in at one time. I tried to take it back with me but they use it for prototyping things like this hull feeder, the electric-drive, etc.

The P/W Hull Feeder for the Spolar is $475. Shipping box is 33"x14"x14" and weighs in at around 30#. I know this because a couple of guys in Australia want them.

I feel the hull feeder is a waste of money with the Spolar/PW auto drive. I run mine at full speed and the hull feeder is my left hand. Came fully equipped with manual hull grabbers and manipulators.
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