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SOLD FS Comp 1 Perazzi Combo

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SOLD Comp 1 Perazzi Combo comes with 2 barrels, 34 inch Stan Baker unsingle barrel with adjustable rib plus a 30 inch O/U with Briley chokes. 2 triggers pull and release. 2 stocks with forearms and recoil systems, see photos. I am posting this for a friend. Everything for $4200.00 He may seperate parts of this. PM me and I will put you in contact with him



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great shooter here. Buy it
Nice setup...I've had 2...they shot great.
How is the unsingle barrel choked? Thanks, Mike....
The unsingle barrel is 750 five chokes 705 710 715 728 735 mark
I am interested in your Compi Perazzi Combo, but without the flamed stock and forearm. Would you sell the rest for $3000.00? call me at 1-815-690-5670 THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
Not open for further replies.