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SOLD F/S Krieghoff Titanim Choke Tubes

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SOLD Set of 3 Titanium Choke Tubes that fit K-80 OR Kx-5. They may also fit a Ks-5.

These tubes were sent to Wilkensons and was specially honed to give the best possible pattern. The 3 chokes are: K2+ marked .024 16 yards
K3 marked .029 mid yards
F marked .035 27 yards

I measured the chokes, and the .024 is .720 the .029 measures .715 the .035 is .7075.

They were purchased with a gun that I no longer have so I have no need for them. The purchase price and having Wilkenson do the work on them was close to $600. I am asking $300 plus shipping and insurance. Any questions PM me