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LUMIX G2 Micro 4/3 Interchangeable Lens Camera with 2 Lenses + Accessories as new which could be considered no use.

$320.00 : Nice Camera, A lot smaller than a typical DSLR. If you bought the pancake lense it would fit in your pocket. I bought it for my wife but she did not like it so I am giving her a cheap point and shoot. Recooping "some" of what I paid for it, includes the ship UPS.

New are still selling for $750.00 without the accessories.

The touch screen is very nice, instead of pushing on wheels and buttons to get to a menu everything is easy to find and change.

4GB Card = 2000 photos and 1.5 hours of HD video

14-42mm kit lens

25mm f/1.4 CCTV manual focus lens - excellent in low light

52MM Lens Adaptor Kit - .45x Wide Angle + 2.0x Telephoto Adapters

3 batteries, one original Panasonic, 2 aftermarket ones

Charger - USB and video cables

Promaster Camera Bag

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