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Perazzi TM1 (Ithaca) Fixed Full with Stock Lock and a Bowen Release.
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I bought this kit last week from It was $22.95 plus S&H. I am pleased to report that it worked very well and proved to me that I can actually shoot trap with my SxS if I want to change my stock or have the comb cut. I don't want to do either and it is inconvenient to switch this device between skeet and trap.
From the Beartooth Website;

"Simply put, Beartooth's Comb Raising Kit is the easiest and most effective way to build up height on your gunstock. If your shotgun shooting accuracy suffers due to improper gunfit or you need help getting up to the cross-hairs on your rifle's high powered scope, you have found the solution. The Kit includes a heavy-duty neoprene sleeve and (5) various sized hi-density foam inserts. Use just one, or a combination of cheekpad sizes to alleviate any ill-fitting situation. Achieve increases as little as 1/8" or up to 1.5"+"

Picture from Amazon>>>>

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Used ONCE for about 3 hours>>>>>

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