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so i got a gun

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Well i got a gun this weekend, thanks Jim R, from and i am wondering what to do now. the big problem with my old field gun im sure was fit. hurt my cheek bad and kicked like a mule. thing with this gun is it has adjustable comb, trigger, butt plate, poi. i have shouldered the gun and made a few minor adjustments to the trigger and comb. i am a tall long armed guy and it does feel really good now. i am not messing with the poi or butt plate as i don't want to overthink things. as long as the gun doesnt destroy my cheek like that skb did am i good to go and next step just learn to shoot the gun? should i pattern it? i only shoot 16yd trap in a club league but may try ata shoots this year. is there a huge difference between full and im. i always shot full choke but only because i didn't have an im choke. anyway thanks again to all who respond. Ben
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Yes, pattern it on a patterning board if available. IM or Full are both good for trap. Try patterning both chokes and see if you can tell any difference. Mark
You seem relatively new to the game, and that's ok, as we all had to learn at one time. I would strongly suggest to find a friend/mentor that has been in the sport for some time that can answer your questions and help you along the way.

Most of us had someone that helped us along the way when we just started out. Yes, you can do it all by yourself, but that could be costly and tremendously time consuming using trail and error.

If I would have had the money when I first started out I would have hired an instructor. At that time though, I can not recall any shooters actually charging for instruction like today.

Regardless, good luck to you, as you can always ask questions on this site. It is easier to actually have someone that can watch you shoot and mentor you in person though.
Steve Balistreri
Ya i did have someone point me in the right direction as far as stances at each post and some basic pointers. i mean i shot the final 12 weeks of our league last year and ended with a 20.75 avg after starting 16-19-17 which i felt was pretty good. had one 25 and 2 24s. i am just looking for a few tips that will help getting my gun fit. thing that helped me the most i think is that i always had good hand eye coordination from baseball and maybe even being in the video game generation. thanks again.
Doubt that you will notice any great difference between IM & F. As per Eddie while you're getting started light loads ie 1oz @ 1150 are just fine for 16s & short HC no need for those shoulder bruisers, all they will do better is loosen the fillings in your teeth. ATA is just a continuation in your quest for fun, watch--listen--ask ?????s lots of them--find a shooter at your club to help you get acquainted with all the various aspects of clay tgt shooting. Main thing is safety & fun welcome to a very addictive sport. Ross Puls
Start by having the gun adjusted so that if you mount it with your eyes closed the beads are lined up when you open your eyes.

Then shoot a couple POI shots from about 40 feet or so.

Then run a couple flats through the gun before you mess with it any more.

All good valid points made above, but may I point out one thing.

Find "A" shooter to help you.

Someone you know as being around for some time, and knows a bit( doesn't have to be a pro )about gun fit, and adjustments.

From my experiences, too many cooks, spoil the stew, and can be confusing.

So, I think you should slowly, take one shooters advice, and see how it goes.

Good luck, and welcome to the wonderful world of trapshooting!
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