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Snow Geese~

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Shot 50 last week.
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If we dont have thunderstorms this weekend like the weather man saying, then I will be out. It's funny that everybody in the Kearney NE area says you need large spreads to kill birds. I use one dozen shells, and a dozen wind walker's and we shoot around 300+birds a year.
Here in eastern Pa. They are here by the tens of thousands. They make the sky's and fields solid white. The quarries near me looks like there is solid snow, can't see water.
I'm sure someone is wondering how you kill 300+ birds with only 12 shells. Ron
What does one do with all those good eaten geese?
A lot of them end up in sausage down here in Texas. Ron
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PerazziMX2000 let us know how you do. A photo to get you ready...... Foster will be in Mitchell from next weekend until ??????
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I like when the snows and blued wad up over the decoys! 2-3 per shot! Badly underrated as table birds, they eat pretty good.
Sorry gun1357 you must not hunt waterfowl much. When a goose hunter says they use a dozen shells that means 12 shell goose decoys.
Snow geese are not that bad as table fare. Forty five years ago we had only snow geese to hunt here in central Iowa and there were huge migration in the third week of October. It was rare to get a whack at any Canada's. I used to skin them and tied to cook them in various ways, but i found out that just like ducks, they are way better picked dry and roasted till tender. Of course sometimes tender doesn't happen with old birds, but even the old ones have good flavor.
I agree 100% with you tripod they are good roasted, and you can make a mean jerky with them.
Layin in a blind as i type this, sw iowa. Killed 42 yesterday, 20 so far today.
YOTESLAYER, save a few for us up here in South Dakota.

Sounds like a great weekend for you already.

Yeah there is plenty of them getting by us!!! If this weather holds next weekend would be better here. We are now up to around 35 for today. Lots of adult birds, they seem to come to that 80yard range and hang up, vary weary! Of those 75 or so birds only killed about 6 adults the rest are juveniles.
I've got a buddy who has been killing them by the pickup load in the Texas panhandle. I've seen thousands out on cut corn.
Last week millions in the bottoms along the Illinois River here in west central Illinois. We call them sky carp around here.Didn't want to leave your truck outside for long, they've gone north now.
If you can stomach a mangy snow goose im pretty sure you would eat anything. Ive prepared them 15 different ways and still havent found a good way to cook them, jerky is almost tolerable.
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