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Snap Cap needed, help.

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This is likely not a Perazzi part per se that I need but here goes anyway. Recently bought a under barrel to fit my MX8. The top barrel portion has a ' snap cap ' in it. Had to remove the snap cap to add some weight to balance gun to my liking. In the process pretty much ruined the ' snap cap'. It says, "WANDA" PAT PENDING and is maroon in color. I need this particular one as the OD fits the ID of the barrel chamber perfectly. Where can I find one?
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Thanks for the suggestion.
On a temporary basis, I just refrain from pulling the trigger the second time. My goal is to find the snap cap that fits it properly. I'm thinking the barrel was mfg is at least 25 years years ago. So this particular snap cap may not be avaiable any more.
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