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My son has been shooting the O/U model for 3 years now. A combo was not available when we bought it. If there was any complaints, it was:
  1. The gun is too barrel heavy. balance point was several inches in front of the hinge.
  2. Comb posts were too short to allow a 100% high pattern if desired.
I fixed both those issues and thought I would share in case anyone else is interested.

First up was the comb height issue. My son is pretty tall 6' and has a long neck. He could not get the gun to pattern more than about 80% high before we ran out of comb height post. The original posts were 10mm OD, 20mm long, 5mm bore and countersunk on one end for a 5mm flat head socket screw that was 25mm long. I was not able to find replacement posts online. My local machine shop banged out a couple 30mm posts for $5 and eBay had the 35mm screws. Lots of adjustment available now.

Second was the weight issue. To get it to balance properly, we got a BreaKO mercury recoil reducer that would just slide into the LOP tube on the buttplate (7/8" diameter unit, tube was 22mm). There was no way to attach it so I centerpunched a mark on the tube then drilled and tapped the hole for 1/4-20. it only took one wrap of blue painters tape to make the mercury unit tight in the LOP tube. Blue loctite added to a 1/4-20 x 5/8" setscrew and I fastened it up tight. The balance point is just slightly behind the hinge now.

Hope this helps someone or contributes to the knowledge base.

Center hole is the one I added. I used a #7 drill bit and then 1/4-20 plug tap.

Reducer that I used and setscrew started in the new hole.

Completed job. I am pretty happy with the results.
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