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Sizer worn?

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I have a well used PW800 that has been used since we put men on the moon. However, I just ran into a puzzling problem. I put the double on my 725 for the first time to shoot doubles and my reloads seemed just a hair too wide as the action wouldn't close on half of them. Tried the "larger" ones in another citori and it wouldn't lock close either. Then tried in two browning with single barrels and they fit with room to spare. Tried in a K gun double and it locked up tight. Lastly they fit in a Beretta double nicely. Are browning doubles a fraction of a thousandth tighter (no bore mic)? Or do you think that it was due to both browning being almost new? I thought maybe sizer worn, but the shells fit in every other gun. Thoughts???
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Nope. Using Fiocchi hulls because I have a bunch of larger euro primers to use up. These hulls are on their 5th load. I just ran a handful of some first timers through her and they all let the 725 lock up nicely with the double barrel on.
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