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Silver shoot questions

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Ok I guess its time again to show my newness to the sport and ask a few questions about running shoots at a club.
A little background first. Small club tagged to a national organization, Most of the members are very much seniors and the attitude is hold it together just long enough for me to die then I won't care. Flash forward a few yrs, somewhat younger group comes on board and starts to get active but we need some direction. I somehow got drawn into putting on some shoots throughout the year and to help raise money, build better community awareness of our existance and increase membership.
Now my question I have read of these silver shoots and would like more info about the what and hows of running one. We had a lewis class shoot last year that I organized (first one in probably 20yrs ) and we made a few bucks had some fun and I will be doing that again this year but I need some more ideas to have some shoots. This is rural Iowa so its tough to get the word out to folks and draw them in but I'm getting better at it.
What about Annies, I am thinking about opening the club up on Sunday afternoons for this but I'll be damned if I can remember how they work. I went to one a long time ago but that was before I decided to get more serious about this shooting stuff.
Guys I truly love the shooting sports, and want very much to keep things alive and well in Estherville Iowa I work full time will be returning to school to finish up my Bachelors degree next month and although my time is a very precious thing right now I'm willing to devote whatever it takes to get the old boys off the ground again. I have some pretty good back up help also so I think that will help but any help with these ideas or others would be greatly appreciated.
Rick Ault
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Good questions....and I'm sure someone here will supply the info needed. I too would like to know the specific's of the "Annie" shoots. Sure sounds like fun and a way for a club to enhance the shooting programs.

Good luck..

Curt - Delaware
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