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Silver Seitz Stock Sets $1275 Shipped

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Up for consideration are my SS RH Stock sets. There are 2 complete sets then 1 extra Stock. I really don’t have any use for these and I am hoping someone out there needs some extra sets. These stocks are set up for a right handed. The one set has a full soft touch, the extra stock was drilled out for a Gracoil reducer and there is a small chip underneath where it meets the receiver I am thinking this happened when someone removed the stock from the receiver. I believe the dark set was duplicated off of the the extra stock. This was part of a package deal I recently made in the last month. Since I have owned them non of these stocks have been on any receivers. The sets are not perfect and they do have some handling marks. I do not know what the LOP is with out putting them on the gun all I can do is measure the length of the stocks as you see them.

I am selling these as a package deal for $1450 Shipped. Let me know if you need any more pics or have any questions and I will respond back through a PM

The first ( I WILL TAKE IT ) gets them

Thanks for looking
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts