I acquired this gun a few months ago and decided it wasn’t for me. Seitz serial number 526. 35” barrel, matching serial number fixed choke, Wilkinson stamped, guessing 70/30%. Two 34” barrels, one is serial number 394 with Wilkinson stamp guessing this is 100%+ barrel. One barrel unmarked with Wilkinson screw in tubes, guessing 70/30. Chokes are 25 and 35. Two sets of wood, factory wood with soft touch and custom stock with rad system. LOP 14 1/4 with rad on 3/4” pad. Release trigger currently and possibly pull parts in a case of parts I have. I really don’t know much on this gun and I’m trying to find a bore gauge to get better specs on the barrels. Asking $11,500 for complete package. Pm if interested and I can try to get more info. Thanks
The first I will take it gets the item and the member making the purchase must post I will take it on this ad.