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Signing Releas Form

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Just wondering,last week after shooting 3yrs there,and for several have shot there all their trap life,the club I shoot at required anyone who wanted to shoot to sign a release formApparently they changed insurances and New conpany wanted a release signed by anyone shooting there.Any others out there have the same thing?

Doug H,
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I am a tech official at Williams Grove Speedway, one of the most historic dirt tracks in the country. We require that everyone, even the officials, sign a release prior to being issued a pit pass and all ticket stubs and pit passes state that you enter at your own risk.

That release and those ticket stub warnings aren't worth the paper they're written on.

Four or five years ago, a sprint car became involved in a violent crash and came to rest outside the track through no defect in the track facility. The driver suffered a spinal cord injury that left him totally paralyzed from the waist down and partially paralyzed from his neck to his waist. He and his family weren't dirt-poor but they sure weren't wealthy. A few lawsuits later, he now owns his own sprint car team, courtesy of the track and its insurance company.

Our daughter-in-law is a claims adjuster for a large insurance brokerage. When we were discussing that former driver's new-found wealth some time ago, she told me that releases mean almost nothing in court and that she has had to pay bodily injury claims that are filed years after a release was signed and the claim was paid. Anyone having you sign a release is hoping you will think you waived your right to further compensation for any damages or injury.

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