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Sierra Bullets

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Looking for some Sierra # 2275 bullets. They are .308 175Gr HPBT Match King.My
Son bought a new 308 and thinks these will work the best. I have 25 pound bags of home made shot as a possible trade, or I may have some bullets you need, or the old fashioned stuff they call money. P M me if you have any. Thanks
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If you can get some try the 168 gr matchkings. They shoot better in more different rifles than any of the other matchkings.


Former Sierra bulletsmith.
+1 for the 168 HPBT MK's.
Sierra 165 HPBT (hollow point boat-tail) shoot darn near as well also.

For anything out to 600 yds they're tops in most out of the box .308's.
FWIW...I've also had excellent results with Hornady's 180 SST's in my Rem 700 in both .308 and 30/06. In 30 caliber, I tend to like heavier bullets.
The 168s will do a hair better if your 308 has 1 in 12" twist 1 in 10's its a wash and up to what your barrel prefers
I just found some bullets I wanted at Cheaper Than Dirt and Brownell's. Everywhere you look these days, the good stuff is all marked, "Out of stock; no backorders."

Like Calvin was saying...To optimize performance a 1 in 10 twist bbl was what we used in 30 caliber match rifles with 180-200gn. bullets for the longer ranges.
That should take you directly to Sierra's website, been ordering my bullets direct for the past few months. If you live in MO or close you can even go buy bullets by the pound, they call them "seconds" but from what others have showed me they work excellent.
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