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Shot Machine for SALE **** SOLD SOLD SOLD****

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Considering selling my shot machine that has became a big hit with over 37,000 you tube hits! You can follow the you tube link below to see it running. I'm asking $4,750.00 or best reasonable offer for it. I wish to sell it as it has served its purpose well for me, I don't have time to make shot anymore with my business, shooting, & racing life takes all my time!

One would need to have a good understanding of shot making as it is a lot of trial and error, many things fall into play for successful shot making. There will be a learning curve for you as what to do and not do. Lead quality and mixture is critical, coolant and its temperature make a difference. I can assure you this is not a buy this unit wire it up add lead and viola you have perfect shot! If that's what you think then don't even bother thinking about making shot with anyone's machine! Its a bit of an art and tinkering is a must, but once you catch on you can blow some serious pound of lead through this baby. I have ran 900-1,000 lbs just playing around on a Saturday it will make it faster than you can process it! I have a full size industrial cement mixer available to the buyer also at a reasonable charge.

I am not in anyway providing training on the unit, I'll tell you everything I know about shot making and your on you own. I'm not able to spend countless hours e mailing or talking about shot making my time is limited and I just want to be upfront about it from the get go.

cut and paste link below to go see it on you tube.

We are in East Central Illinois, It is on a pallet and could be shipped any place at your expense.
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Where can anyone get enough lead, anywhere at anytime at a fair price. Can't buy lead cheaper than the cheapie shells at wallyworld. 2 years ago it might have been possible to get enough to run it for a couple of days. But now the lead is controlled by business and that means extorted prices. Bill
Plenty of lead sources out there! You just have to be resourceful, you want to pay $40 plus per bag that's fine or you want to set around and run small quantities at a time a little shot machine is just fine. Someone or a club who wants to run a decent amount of shot will need this machine. Also I have about 1 ton of lead I would sell also to the buyer processed into 19lb bars.
What's the total current draw when running?


230volt 50amp thats if all the heaters are running wide open such as on start up. Once its up to temp and you have a large mass (400+ lbs) of lead hot the heaters cycle off and on. The top pot which is the one that the new lead gets introduced into will run the most, the mid pot and ladle only maintain temp. So realistically your in the 25-30 amp running range. In it's design I tried to keep the amp draw down to where a guy could use it bu hooking to a common welder or oven 50 amp plug.
Did you ever complete the system with the conveyor and chiller you discuss in the video? Cory
No I did not time has not allowed me to do anything else with it. I found that a chiller was not required when running about 1/2 ton at a time. if your doing it by yourself you'll be worn out and ready to quit by that time the temp gets up too hot on the coolant. I was going to just take a small import radiator assembly and its 12volt fan and plumb it inline with a temperature sensor to automate it. Pretty simple stuff to do there at low cost. All wrecking yard stuff could be used, most of those imports have the fan sensor and all built right in and on the radiator. Cheapo power supply from radio shack to run the fan or use a 12v battery either way.
Well I can tell you after running mulitple HF pumps they will NOT hold up to the heat. I run a 30 gallon capacity tank and it levels out at 125. I found a commercial pump to handle the heat.

Your system looks great and whom ever buys it be aware there WILL be a large learning curve. I would think a close to you buyer and SOME training would help with the sale. Making shot is fun and satisfying and saves you some $$. Nice setup chip
back to the top for another look!!! Several interested parties but no takers yet. Dont be afraid to make an offer the worst I can do is say no thank you!
Consider partial Trade for ???????
"Making shot is fun and satisfying and saves you some$$"

Its also extremely toxic and dangerous if lead spills on you.

Not for the amateur or one with kids, and animals running around.

your set up WILL require teaching as its an advanced setup!!

Also... where are all the lead weights anymore? All anyone uses are the zinc stickons anymore and if guys will sell you lead, they want market prices so wheres the savings when you factor in lead poisoning, space needed, possible spills and fires, energy it takes, washing, bagging, etc....

Just buy the shit IMHO. There are other ways to occupy your time.
Wow thanks so much for the reply! You certainly know a lot about my set up for never dropping the first bar of lead in it. Actually my setup requires less knowledge because it is the only thing out there that truly controls the temp. There is a learning curve as to any process and how to mix different lead alloys to achieve maximum results, I'll tell the buyer everything I know which is way more than any info I ever got. I was just being up front and honest letting a potential buyer know I don't have time to be "tutoring" you after buying it.
Anybody who has kids should hopefully have raised them to understand NO and STAY AWAY, unless of course your one who cant tell a kid no cause it will crush them and they will never be able to achieve greatness...... Making your lead shot is no less toxic than handling you store bought bag shot or loading lead bullets! When you have automatic temperature control and keep it set properly you wont vaporize the lead due to over temperature.
There are several of the lead miners who are interested in the unit as it makes perfect sense to them to be able to re-drop the shot that is not good enough to re-polish and sale.
You opinion is your opinion and your defiantly entitled to it but crapping on someones post like you have is wrong, just as wrong as the guys who tells someone that they are nuts for how much they want for a gun or whatever.
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Thank you!!! Well Said!!
well it's still available so you certainly can!!!
Making shot is not for me. I am an accident waiting to happen. There are several other factors that eliminate me from being a “shotmaker” but burning down my garage or running to the emergency room are in the top three.

That being said, I am fascinated with the process and applaud the efforts of those more skilled then myself. The innovation and quality of craftsmanship shown in this system is seldom equaled.

I am quite certain the majority of participants in this forum frown upon negative or attack replies in the For Sale section. What a person is selling and what they want for it is a perception of value and cost. It is their perception. If that perception does not align with yours, well, so be it. Move on. To slam a guy for his perception is classless.

Making shot is not for me. My cojones are small. I still like them however and prefer not to have them come in the proximity of hot liquid led. But I love this machine!! Some where out there is a perfect match for this system. I hope the guy who buys it will keep us informed regarding his journey into shot making.

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Awesome machine. I saw it before when it was posted on here. I am a tinkerer myself so I really appreciate the craftsmanship and ingenuity that went into the design and building of this machine. I hope you get what you are asking for it. Someone with the time and money would certainly get a professional grade set up.
I have a nickle/dime system that I've made a lot of shot with. But, your system is art, premo, and truly trick. There is lot of lead out there available if one just takes the time to look. I wish I could afford yours, and I will envy the person that ends up with the unit.
Sold Sold Sold I want to thank all the kind words that most of you have taken time to post. I hope most of all you enjoyed the video and it should have helped those who wished to build their own! One of our lead re-claimers is the new owner and should put it to good use in the near future.
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