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The other day my husband and I were in Huntsville ,Alabama , with nothing else to do,so we decided to stop at a couple of tire stores to see if we could locate some car wheel weights. The first one we stopped at had a 3 gallon bucket of weights for $10.00. So we bought it. The next place we stopped at didn't have any, someone had beat us to it. The third place we stopped at the manager said he had a few weights that he had been saving for a fella for about 6 months but he never came back to claim them. He was tired of waiting and wanted to get rid of them. He had called several scrap dealers who wanted $20-$35 to haul them away. The manager said if we would take them off his hands right now we could have them for nothing. So we went in the back of the shop to get the weights and he had a 30 gallon drum almost 2/3rd full. When we got home we weighted them out and there was 355lbs of car wheel weights. Yesterday we melted them down into ingots and we had 315lbs total with 40lbs of left over clips.
With the cost of our gasoline at $2.51 a gallon and it was 88 miles round trip,our car gets 21 miles to the gallon,it cost $10 for gasoline and $10 for the one bucket of weights for a total of $20.00. Thats 315lbs of ingots when made with our shotmaker that comes out to roughly $1.70 for 25lbs, with cost of electricity and propane to render it out brings the cost up to about $3.00 a bag maybe.
There is no reason to pay the kind of money for factory shot when all you have to do is own your own shotmaker as many more people are doing. The Better Shotmaker with its cast iron ladle/bowl makes shot as good as any factory and you don't have to have a 150 foot tower to drop the shot from.
Give Jim Stewart a call at 256-587-0107 to learn more about shotmaking.

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I'll submitt that your more in danger of getting lead poisoning from handling fired shells than making shot. Some of the residue on fired shells contain lead compounds from the priming mixtures. Think about that while waiting for the sky to fall.


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Skeet2day - How many people do you know personally that have ever contracted lead poisoning? Not a friend of a co-worker. Personally???

jimmmer - There is as much of a connection with that is there is about men growing hair on the palms of their hands or needing glasses after...., well, you know the rest.

Clark - How many sleepless nights did it take you come up with something that original?

Which of you guys has the medical background or spent years in the field when you did your thesis on the evils of lead poisoning? My guess is none of you.

All Ellen did was relate a story. She did not ask for any of your opinions based on crap somebody told you.


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If we all did what was best for our health,
we would give up trapshooting completely.
Beer is consumed, we eat to much, we drive
to far (sitting on our built in recoil devices) sniffing lead and gunpowder, and
whining on about everything, which raises our blood
pressure. We should all give up autos (they kill
people you know), hunting (we kill animals),
and watch the Rosie and Ellen show while running on our treadmill. Someday when
we die, people would say, what did he die of? And the relatives would say; They
couldn't find anything wrong with him. He must of died from a boring life
because he was so healthy. With not shooting, we would have all that leisure
time to donate to prevent global warming and
we could work with AL GORE. Sorry guys, but Diesel pickups and motorcycles are
going to have to go also. Hey, we just solved the oil crisis. IMHO

 Did I tell you I see things backwards? Dyslexia I think it is called. 
Anyway to finish my problem solving for today, I buy
trap guns and reloaders from
healthy people.  I have sworn off whining about
, skeeters,
, and only smoking gunpowder
Please send me your vile, bad habits and I will try to
them to some non converted unhealthy person. ROFL

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It looks like if you can get the wheel weights for free thats the best way to cut down of the cost of making shot ... I do not know of anyone near me who gets that kind of a deal on wheel weights, so their cost is considerably higher ... This is obviously an advertisment for Stewart Shot makers and is a little misleading or deceptive at best ... WPT ... (YAC) ...

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Mrs. O'Connor is just trying to push her product.

Mrs. O'Connor made a nice score with the lead weights. We all are not so lucky and most can not stand being treated like we are stupid if we don't make our own shot. This is just another of Ellen's posts trying to push her product.

It ain't as easy as she makes it out to be. I am confident we can make the shot by using ONLY the shot maker she sells, but what she sells is but only one part of the equation of the shot making process.

Check out all of the posts with the shot making set ups then ask them why they do what they do. To make good round shot that doesn't have to be redropped you need the other stuff. I am sure she will balk and say nothing else is needed.

All I say is ask those other guys with their setups why they do what they do.

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I've reloaded 15,000 to 18,000 rounds a year for at least four years. My blood test for lead content came back absolutely normal. Common sense is needed when handling lead.

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Ellen, now that was what I call a great day for the both of you. I think that some of us using this website may be just a little jealous that we didn't get such a good deal I supose. But if everyone shooter made his or her own lead from tire weights the stores would sell them to the highest bidder in the area I would think. Still nice to hear you got a great deal. Break-em all. Jeff

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I have been making home made shot for about a year now and I got tested before I got started and just the other day...comes back normal. I have been shooting for years and have handled loaded and spent shells all my life. I am not saying things cant happen but I do work in a well ventilated room, wear a respirator, wear glove and i do wash my hand everytime i reload or make shot. And my shot making has payed for my shooting and has payed for the machine time and time again.

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"Trust me...the few pennies saved from making one’s own
shot does not outweigh the possible consequences"

I am not trying to dis you but, I don't think
that because you went to 2 friends funerals qualifies you as an expert witness
on CSI for lead poisioning. There are many warning labels to be read.
Many articles and studies have been published by people who have devoted their
lives to researching this subject and I never have read "Trapshooter dies from
making his own shot". Numerous melters have been tested by our own doctors
and they know more about it than the average trapshooter. I have been to
many funerals for Cancer victims, but I am not an expert on Cancer either.
Your point is well taken that precautions need to be taken, and today
ventilation and respirators are used commonly, something that was not done in
the past. Some people interpret that it has happened to me once or twice,
so that must be the truth. Say it isn't so! Read the studies with
objective mind and you will see what the research has shown. It is
harmful, it can hurt,
caution must be taken. Shooting is harmful
(to rocks), it can hurt (your ego), and caution must be taken (to avoid being
embarrassed). Making your own shot is NOT just about
saving $$$
(but a valid concern).
It you have seen all the posts showing pictures of people who build things:
NEWS FLASH...... They like
to tinker!!!
We see posts on here most days that
say reloading doesn't pay over cheap new shells.
WE LIKE to reload
..... don't pee
in our Cornflakes everyday!!!

Ellen, I am jealous of your find of
FREE wheel weights. Skeet2day, shooting is a dangerous sport.
Are your guns or reloaders for sale? Skeet2day, if you believe all
the posts you read here, you would think skeet people are bad...... I like
you anyway. Good shooting to ALL.

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To skeet2day,trappermike,blizzard,Clark,WPT, and BigAl29 and whoever else it might concern: For your information I DO NOT sell shotmakers, I have no dollars invested in the Better Shotmaker other than purchasing one for myself and my husband to make our own shot for trapshooting. I meerly was trying to enlighten the shooters that car wheel weights can sometimes be given to you versus always having to pay for them, and even if you were having to pay for the lead weights its still in the range of $5- $6 a bag, which is a whole lot cheaper than $28-$35 a bag. In regard to my plug for the Better Shotmaker that is because I had a Littleton Shotmaker and no matter what we did to it we still couldn't get the results we were looking for. We also were not able to get any feedback from the company who manufactured it. When talking with Mr. Stewart about his machine we were enthused to know that we could call him anytime if we had a problem making shot. He also sent complete instructions with his machine showing type of set up for the coolant and so forth. He also happens to test run every machine to make sure it is producing good shot before it leaves his shop. Littleton doesn't do that. This man has been making shotmakers for over 40 years and is the leading authority on the proper process for making your own shot. In his Instructions Mr. Stewart recommends #9920 dust, fume, and mist respirator (3M Company, St.Paul, MN)that you can purchase at paint or hardware stores. He also states to wear leather gloves and a clear face shield. Its the users responsibility to follow the instructions included with each machine. If you are afraid of the sky falling you should never go outside. If you are so environmentally friendly like Al Gore, you shouldn't be shooting at all, because he wanted to take your guns away from you. Hopefully you were not FOOLED by John Kerry when he put on that little "hunting expedition in Ohio" during his bid for the presidency, showing he was "friendly to gun rights and hunters". So let the blind lead the blind. Happy shotmaking to those of you making your own shot!! Happy shooting after you have reloaded your own shells!! Call Jim Stewart if you want more information at 256-587-0107 (yes, you may take this as a plug for Mr. Stewart).

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Omaha your posts with your cutesy color are also
offensive and if you are looking for business along with Ellen, forget it. Looks
like a major put on. I bet you sell shotmakers.

Big Don, thanks for calling my colors cutesy. I
thought it was a nice change from the many black and white posts I read here
everyday. In fact I have read many of your post also Don. Some I
thought you were right on and others I thought you missed the mark, but I don't
feel the need to blast you just because my
opinion differs from yours. It is OK to have different opinions than
others, but some people feel the need to jump in everybody's face if they don't
agree with you. Most of my business comes from Omaha NE, so Don, it
probably has no impact on you. I couldn't find my boat pictures to post so
I went cutesy. What is the major put on Don? I want to know.
WRONG, I don't sell shotmakers
either as you have stated. I do sell reloaders, does that make me
dangerous? Don, if you have facts to back up your statements,
please share them with the whole trapshooters crowd. If it is you opinion,
just say so, you are entitled to it just like you have expressed in your past
threads. I don't know if you have a beef with me and if so, can we show
some Class about it? Email me privately if you want. Thanks for

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And oh by the whom it may concern at "OmahaSportingSupply"...yes gun
when improperly used and handled are also dangerous...and yes, I have had folks
who display those attributes removed from the field and the I, as
you, have a responsibility to protect our sport, our shooting members, and my
investments in the club I donated monies to which allow it to survive


Great, we agree on several things. Keep up the good work as I am sure
you club appreciates it also.

...exactly what have you done for the benefit of our sport?
Thanks for asking!!! Here are some.

School teacher

Assist with JROTC shooting

Forming a rifle team for next year

Coaching High school and junior high teams for trapshooting

Appointed shotgun coach by NRA classes paid for by ME.

Webmaster for trap teams.

Starting a new trapshooting team from another school district

Coach and score state High school trap shoot (1750 kids in Nebraska)

Trying to get our conference software for shoots more updated and

Studying for certification on the NRA reloading program.

Planning on taking the CCW class this summer.

Teach classes on reloading shotgun shells

Organize Skeet and trap teams for youth and church

Like to dispell myths reported by the anti gun crowd

Skeet, I know you have 2 graves you can visit that you can attribute to lead
posioning. There are 300+ million people in the USA, and how many have
died from lead poisioning? Just becuase we know a couple of actual cases,
doesn't make it statically a crisis. We probably killed more people with
Peanut Butter than from making their own shot. I am NOT trying to make light of
the death because to all families, their person was important. You may
feel strongly on this but unless you have some research from outside sources,
you are not an expert, neither am I. I have written enough research papers
to know that if you can't cite credible sources for you facts, it just didn't
happen. This is the tactic gun lobby uses all the time, one person does
something bad with a gun, so they interpret all gun owners are bad. Then
they cite the one instance where a life would have been saved. It is the
iceberg theory. There are a lot more facts hidden under the water than the
ones showing above the water. I would love to see the statistics that
would back you up. If they are significant, I would respect your facts and
you even more. James Stewart (according to Ellen) has been doing this for
over 40 years and he still has a pulse today. He alone is only one
statistic but it nullifies one of your graves. As they said on
: "Just
the facts
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