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Shooting Shirts at Pine Tree Sportswear

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We have some of the favorites listed in our website store however, there are thousands of garments available for customizing to fit your shooting needs. We just can't possibly list them all with all the options available. Just gives us a call!

We have discounts for Clubs, Teams, and Special Events. We also offer digital embroidery service.

Thank you! Sue @ Pine Tree 309-754-9440

Here are a few items we have to offer:

Tie Dye shirts available in 9 different styles and many colors to choose from.

Buttonfront shirts with or without the microsuede in cotton or cotton blends, LEFT and RIGHT hand pads. Many colors to choose from.

Youth tees and polos.

Moisture wicking tees and polos with or without the non-slip microsuede pad.

Value 50/50 polos as well as cotton polos and high end quality polos.

sweatshirts in 50/50 blends or cotton.

Ladies polos, sleeveless tops and tees.

Team/college/event color shirts in too many color combinations and fabrics to list.

Camo pads on solid color shirts or camo shirts with pads.

shooter's towels in several colors with your choice of embroidery design.

sporting clay length pads

moisture wicking polos

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Yes, The teams shirts are available in your color preferences in polos, henleys, and t-shirts. These are all the sport/gameday moisture wicking fabrics and pricing, which includes a left or right hand pad, starts at 25.00, larger sizes abit more. Discounts applied on purchases of 5 or more shirts.

Solid color tees, polos, and henleys with contrasting colored pads available also in cotton and cotton polyester blends. Pricing with single layer left or right hand pads starts at 20.00.

Photos with color and sizing charts available upon request.

Please contact me for more information and charts at email above.

Thank you! Sue at Pine Tree 309-754-9440

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Conn-man, Clod says howdy to his buddy! Clod gits a kick outa all this testin business!

Susi-Qs new recoil absorbing/spreading pads are the best of the best for any shooting shirts! Clod says he'd like a new pairo shoes with that material too!

Clod&Hap, Felt Recoil Testors LLC :)

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