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Flag of the united states White Flag Blue Headgear

"There is only one country like the USA" I think shooting your trap gun while
wearing American Flag blinders, although is not 'priceless' is pretty 'cool'.

Only $5 per set w/free shipping. These blinders are weather-proof and come in the followings sizes: Standard, (Large) 3/4 in extended and (X-Large) 1 in. extended.

How to order: Either send a check to the following address: John Somers, 45 Rotzel Rd, Rush, NY 14543 (585-533-2506) or use Paypal. Note: Please add one dollar to the order total when using Paypal.

Paypal account: [email protected]

Thank You,


ps: if you don't like them for any reason, send them back for a full refund
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