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Shooting Glasses

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Several months ago I started to see what I refer to has a hailo left of the mid bead and bead at the end of the barrel. Went to the optometrist who found I needed a correction in both eyes. I'm near sighted right eye dominant but shoot with both eyes open. Got new glasses, progressive lenses, in photo grey which work fine, no halo effect. Bought new shooting glasses but now have hailo back. The shooting glasses are being reworked with correction being moved more to the left in the right lens.

Have any of the shooters on this board ever had a similar problem and if you did what did you do? Do any of you know of an optometrist who shoots trap that I could contact?

Any suggestions or help would really be appreciated.
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Hey W. Dan, im not trying to hijack your thread, but can you explain how the shooting glasses work, is it just that they are designed to make the target stand out more, i haven't ever worn any, but i see a lot of guys using them
are they very expensive?

i sometimes get that halo effect but i wear contacts, don't know if that's different.
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