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I'm listing this just uncovered Shellflame Maple blank alone because it deserves your undivided attention. This is a Bigleaf Maple blank that was roughcut in the 1970s and naturally dried in a dark basement until I uncovered it and several of its relatives recently. Massive dimensions at 34 inches long, 8+ inches tall at the butt and 3 full inches thick.

A natural candidate for a large caliber benchrest rifle, it is more than adequate to host a shotgun with all the current tournament features. A huge bonus is you know that your forend is from the same blank. The shellflame figure is deep and consistent throughout with a bright golden shimmer on the right side and just a hint of pink on the left. The spalt gives this 50 year old gem a unique signature that will never be seen in another stock.





This blank will be trimmed just ahead of the green line that shows on the right side. Move your head left and right as you view the pictures and the "depth" of the shell figure will become obvious. In the Maple world, this is the definition of "Exhibition". One of a kind, metered dry at 11% moisture content, stable and ready for your favorite rifle or shotgun application. This one will travel to Ohio with me next week and will probably not come back to Oregon.

First $450.00 to [email protected] by Paypal or PM to me with a purchase confirmation walks away with it. Cash, check or money order to me at PO Box 846, Selma, Oregon 97538 will also do the deal. Blank is SOLD pending funds. Questions to [email protected]. I do ship to international makers.

Thanks for looking, Mike Mann WHITE CREEK GUNSTOCK BLANKS
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