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Shell Cutter

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Want to buy a shell cutter. Send price and address. I will send postal money order. If you have a wad knocker I will buy that. Thanks Bill
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not knockin' Fearnot, but check out Bulley/Unloader on ths site...

I make nice looking wad knockers for $12 plus actual shipping

These are long since gone but I made this 1 today minus the plate for initials to get ingraved

Let me know if your interested. cant sell my shell cutter the wife bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago.

My knockers are 4.5 in long and 5/8 in brass not 3in long and 1/2in like these lil jobs the other guys are selling.


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Not knockin either,but I've bought 2,Unloader definetly better.Makes custom Black Walnut cutters also I believe.

Doug H.
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