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A young girl came home from her first year of college filled with liberal ideas. Her dad was a businessman who had worked his butt off for years and was reaping the rewards of his hard work. His daughter challenged him saying, "how can you look at yourself in the mirror, making all that money while the poor have little or nothing. You should share your wealth with them. Barack will make you."

Her dad asked her the following questions:
"How are you doing in school?"
"I'm making A's"
"Are you having fun"
"I don't have time for fun. I'm working hard to keep my GPA"
"Are you dating?"
"I don't have time, I'm working on my GPA."
"Any parties, sororitie pledging?"
Again, "no time, I'm working on my GPA"
"How is your roommate doing"
"C's, she's partying, going out, pledging, dating, whatever."
"Why don't you go to the registrar and ask them to share your grades, if you do you can both be making B's"
"That wouldn't be fair, I'm working hard for what I've got."
Dad. "I rest my case."

Does this sound like what sharing the wealth is really about?
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